3 Exercises To Start Building Your Self-Worth

If you’ve read my book Good Enough you’ll know from the first chapter that we are all born with innate self-worth. All babies are equal in value and worth and it’s only through our thoughts and experiences that we move away from it.



Self-worth is the foundation to confidence and is the measure of how you feel about yourself and your value in the world. As a result, even if you’re confident in your capabilities you may still feel you’re not good enough.

I give my clients some very simple exercises to start them on the journey of reconnecting with that self-worth. They are simple but powerful and I hope will remind you of why you are truly good enough.

Exercise 1:

List 10 things you like about yourself. They can be physical attributes, behaviours, qualities, talents, big or small

Exercise 2;

List 10 things you’ve achieved in the last 10 years. They can be big or small, around your career, education, social life, hobbies or family. Remember an achievement doesn’t mean you have had to have a real struggle in getting there.

Exercise 3:

Ask 3 work colleagues and 3 personal contacts to name your strengths. What others perceive are our strengths can be very surprising and empowering. Only ask for strengths and try to ask people you aren’t particularly close to.

If you’d like to make the journey to reconnect with your self-worth then you can buy my book here (or at Amazon or Waterstones). Alternatively, book a free call with me and I can share some more tips with you.

Jo x

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