How To Have Fantastic Confidence In The Workplace Even If you’re Not An Extrovert

A recent survey of women’s confidence in the workplace  (MyConfidenceMatters) revealed that the key confidence worries women have are:

1. Asking for a pay rise or putting prices up (43%)

2. Standing in front of an audience to make a presentation or speech (40%)

3. Networking (34%)

4. Being intimidated by my boss or other colleagues (27%)

5. Competing with work colleagues (20%)

Which one do you find the scariest?

confidence in the workplace

All of the above fears (and I’ve experienced all of them) are about ‘putting yourself out there’ and ‘being the centre of attention’.

Why is it as women that we often find having confidence in the workplace uncomfortable?


It’s partly down to biology and also to conditioning from society and people around us.

In general, women have a lower level of self-belief and are less likely to take risks.

We do have other characteristics that are helpful in the workplace such as relationship building and collaborativeness.

However, having the courage to step out and be visible in your career is essential if you want to achieve success.

The silent workers get lost in the endless darkness of the corporate world.” ― Abhishek Ratna,

How do you step up and stand out at work when you lack confidence?


To be career visible means being able to:

  1. Speak up about your thoughts and opinions in meetings and with clients and your seniors
  2. Talk about your successes without embarrassment
  3. Have a consistent Personal Brand or an understanding of what you’d like to be remembered for in your career
  4.  Volunteer for new opportunities and responsibilities


You may be thinking, that’s easy to say Jo but more difficult to do.


To feel comfortable standing out you’ll need to stop your self-sabotage, quieten your inner critical voice and stop worrying about what others think.


In my free guide, I’ll explain how you can overcome the self-sabotage and give you ideas on how you can start to achieve the 4 aspects of career visibility above.


You can achieve anything you want in your career with the right strategies and support.


So read my free guide Get Career Visible Now! and get the success you deserve.


Live courageously and confidently.



P.S. If your greatest fear is number 1 around asking for a pay rise then get my free guide

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