8 Common Limiting Beliefs That Stop You Being Happy

shutterstock_94316164Over the years that I have been coaching clients to build their confidence, the biggest barrier I have seen is the limiting beliefs they have about themselves.

These are messages they’ve picked up at some point in their life, usually in their early years and have carried ever since. These self beliefs may not have been true at the time but they’ve still held on to them and as a result not achieved self-acceptance or happiness.

So if you find yourself chasing around to achieve goals and success or believing that if only you had the perfect body or soul mate or if only you were good enough you would be happy. Then it could be that the extra baggage of old beliefs your carrying is stopping you from achieving it.

Here are some of the most common limiting beliefs I hear from my clients, do you recognise any for yourself?

  1. Don’t speak up and be different or you’ll never be liked or fit in. Don’t be afraid to show your true thoughts, opinions and personality you’ll find you connect so much more with people
  2. If I could drop a dress size or change part of my body then I’d be happy. Trying to achieve the perfect body is only setting yourself up to fail. You may get a confidence boost from small improvements however it won’t bring you happiness in the long term
  3. You should do better or you’re not good enough. Whether this is about your career, where you live, your friends or money, happiness will only come when you accept yourself in the present moment
  4. What will other people think of me. You have nothing to prove to anyone else, so keep focused on what is important to you and gain self-approval instead
  5. If I’m not perfect I won’t be successful. Can you imagine how annoying it would be if there were truly perfect people out there? We all prefer a flawed but real person
  6. When I get that house or that job I’ll be happy. Just like number 2, life is happening now it’s how you embrace today that will make you happy tomorrow
  7. Life is easier for everyone else, it’s not fair. Rather than focus on other peoples successes and feeling jealous, be pleased for them because there isn’t a scarcity of good fortune and you will have yours too
  8. If I don’t worry, something bad will happen. Don’t overthink everything, sometimes you have to accept that you can’t control all of life

If any of these sound true to you then really challenge that belief and decide if it’s one you want to keep believing or want to leave behind.

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8 Common Limiting Beliefs That Stop You Being Happy

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