Why Worrying What Others Think Kills Your Confidence

Caring what others think, is a natural behaviour not a problem. It helps us to be accepted and feel secure in the tribe. Worrying what others think, however, is a problem.


The difference is when you care what others think, you take on board and respect their opinion, but you don’t let it determine your decision or affect your self-worth.

Whereas when you’re worrying what others think, you allow their judgement to define what you think about yourself.

Many of my clients tell me, they regularly worry about what their boss and colleagues at work think. Whether it’s about what they say in meetings, the decisions they make or how they compare.  it can lead to a paralysis in your life. You may become stuck in a rut and unable to trust yourself to make decisions or take actions.

This can lead to self-doubts and stop you from speaking up or making decisions. You may then become stuck in a rut and unable to trust yourself to go for new opportunities or take on extra responsibilities.

With some clients, this has led to them ignoring their wants and needs and instead, they become totally focused on getting approval from others. (See my earlier blog on Helen the People Pleaser). This really kills your confidence and knocks your self-esteem.

Fortunately, it is possible to reduce your worrying and care more about your own needs, beliefs and desires.

A couple of quick tips to help you are:

  • Start being aware of when you are making decisions or taking actions based on others approval. Challenge yourself as to why you are doing this and whether you could do it differently
  • Develop self-approval. Record the achievements you make, the things you’re proud of and your positive strengths. Congratulate yourself when you show the confidence to keep to your beliefs


Good luck


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